I bowed down to you, brother, to make up for daggering you, for the greater good of our plan to reclaim our home. Looked the other way, sister,  while you repeat the same cycle with Marcel, falling again for a man you shouldn’t be with while he controls the empire that we built, that he took.
Now, I make no excuses for past sins, but in the one moment when you two could have chosen to stand by me, to believe in me, and believe my intentions for my own child were pure, you chose to stand against me, to side with my enemies.

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"So here’s the deal. We don’t write towards ships. We try to tell stories about ppl who strive to be heroes but more often than not fail."
-   (via bloody-niklaus)
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the super cute @phoebejtonkin on set this morning
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My parents have been married nearly 40 years and they truly love each other. I’ve seen it work. I know it’s tough, and I know it’s rare. But my fundamental values in life and my ideas about love and relationships are always going to be rooted in what I was raised in.

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Captain Swan in 401 "A Tale of Two Sisters"
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"Must run in the family."

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